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Current Transplant Waiting List

Organ Donation

Organ transplantation has evolved from an experimental treatment to the treatment of choice for thousands of Ontarians who await the gift of life. Unfortunately the supply of solid organs for transplantation has not met the demand and has remained relatively unchanged over the past decade.

Organs for Transplantation

There are hundreds of diseases that could affect an organ to the point that a transplant is required. 

Criteria for Organ Donation

Historically organ donation has only occurred after brain death and only a small percentage of all hospital deaths result from a determination of neurological death (brain death). Some estimates are as small as 1.5-2%. Unfortunately the supply of solid organs for transplantation has not met the demand and has, despite best efforts, remained relatively unchanged over the past decade.

The two criteria for deceased organ donation are:

Neurological Determination of Death (NDD)

Donation after Cardiac Death (DCD)

Includes people waiting for a transplant using an organ from a deceased donor as of DECEMBER 31, 2012

Organ/Organs waiting for:

Heart Lung4
Kidney Pancreas 55
Pancreas (Whole)23
Small Bowel0
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Current Transplant Waiting List

Living Liver Donation

Organs for Transplantation

Cultural and Religious Perspectives on Organ Transplantation

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